Bio Diesel ?

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Jan 25, 2013
Warrington Cheshire
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I got a leaflet to day offering bio diesel at 10p a ltr cheaper than super markets prices. I have a 2008 E class (211) 220 tdi, has anyone used bio with this engine ? if so any problems ?.
Leaflet tells me no need for mods just fill up and go, cleaner for the engine, may give better mpg.
The web site
If this is all true you could save 100s of pounds a year, they even say they will come and fill your car up for you at home.
mmm,not to sure what do you think....:confused:
Haha. Don't do it. I play around trying to make Bio Diesel run in the landrovers fine but I've seen them 200TDI's run on engine oil so not really saying much. It's a fine mix to make Bio Diesel you are much better off buying a set up and making your own. I have a deal with a local greggs and I get the doughnut fat :D Works out about 48p/ltr when finished. A bad mix can destroy seals injectors pumps. Or it can just be chip fat from the local takeaway.
good bio is fine - in fact many big businesses run it - McDonalds, eddie stobart etc. BUT - good is OK - ok is not iyswim - unless its perfect, it'll destroy your engine. Go and look at the process - if its looks professional, with meters, sensors etc everywhere then you have a decent chance.
Thanks for your input, Think ill stick with shell not worth the risk to save 10p a ltr
ask over at vegetable oil diesel - home forums

my advice - get a sample in a jar and do some tests (procedure available on the veg forums)

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