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May 12, 2007
North Wales
ML 270CDi Silver with Cream Leather.

I'm after some info from you wise bunch, thinking of using some good quality bio diesel in the ML 270CDi. This would be no more that at worse a 50 50 mix with Shell's finest but expensive liquid gold.
Can any of you tell me is the CDi engine safe to use this fule and at this ratio, I have hear and read mixed reports on this one.
Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes....

Certainly at that ratio it shouldn't pose any problems. I've known people use it right upto B100 on CDi engined cars.
We've even had a poster using SVO in 50/50 mix in an S 320 cdi and that's a lot more of a problem than Bio.

Ask your supplier, if they say yes then they are liable if anything gets damaged.
It shouldn't.

Where do you intend to buy from and how much is it?
Go on - do it do it do it!!!!

You can be the testbed for the rest of the forum ;)
I tried 3 tankfuls of B100/Derv at approx. 80/20 mix and found no problem with running or performance. Main reasons for not continuing:
1. Slight reduction in fuel consumption ~10-15%.
2. Availability - I have to make a 90 mile round trip to get it which leads on to...
3. Price difference is not enough for risk undertaken, place I went to has steadily increased prices to maintain a 15p/litre difference.

There are stories on biofuel sites of people running CDi engines for 10's of thousands of miles without any issue. Key issue seemed to be finding a supplier you trust to be producing good quality fuel. See Top Gear for the results of badly refined Biodiesel.
There are 2 M petrol stations near me that sell Bio Diesel at 85p a litre, there normal deisel is 135p a litre.
M is not a brand that I'm that familiar with though.
Thanks guy's.
Supply is a problem in North Wales, as I work in Stoke on Trent there is a local fule supplier that can supply at £110/ltr. I was thinking of getting two metal jerry cans and getting it as and when I am around there, the company pays the fule in the company car.
Still undecided what to do.
My other thought is to change the car for the ML500 and put on gas, love the sound of the V8.
I know somebody who has a S320 on gas and its happy chugging away between Leeds and Newport every week.
Will keep you posted.

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