Bizarre damage

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A250 Bennyboy

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Mar 16, 2016
Northwest UK
A Class A250 w176

Just gave my car a quick wash after a round trip to Newcastle (300 mile) and spotted this? Looks like damage from a wheel brace?

Only had the car back since last Thursday. As MB has had my car in for a problem with overheating.

When I picked up and spoke to the guy with all the paper work saying what they had done he did say they had washed it
And must say on a quick look over it looked fairly good.
But now I've washed it myself I'm thinking WTF have they done to my wheels?
Both fronts are the same?
Recently had some work done on my coolant system (that's what my car was in the dealers for) so they may well have had to take off my fronts to access the parts they needed to change?
Need some bullets in my gun before I go in with all guns blazing

Only thing I'm sure about and got photos of. Is that damage was not on my car a week ago?

Ben :thumb:
If you mean the dig in the face of the spoke, it could have been someone being a bit careless with the nozzle of a pressure washer lance?
Are we supposed to be looking at a mark about 5 o'clock below the top wheel bolt?
It looks pretty innocuous on the photo.
It's mentioned above but a better photo is needed as I can't really see much damage from here.

As for the "all guns blazing" comment, this may not necessarily be the best way to resolve a dispute. A firm but friendly approach usually works better as the person you'll be dealing with has nothing to do with the problem, they're just doing their job. Treat them how you'd like to be treated and I'm sure you'll get a far better outcome.
If you cannot control yourself you could write a letter.
All I see is water on the spokes, or a little whitish chip near the bottom right of the photo - what is wrong with the wheel?

So they fitted those horrible red things under your wheel centres? :eek:

I would sue.
Maybe I'm being a bit to picky but I know that small amount of damage was not on my wheel before it went in to have the thermostat housing replaced.
Having had a good look at the wheel it could actually have been done by a stone?
And I know the dealers will tell me this also.
So I'll not pursue with the wheel

So with doing a few miles I also thought I'd better check all my fluid levels and have now found the engine cover is cracked in half?
This they have definitely done so looks like I'll have to pop into the dealers and point this out to them.
Only had this car for 7 months and it's been in the dealers three times now.
Thinking of only keeping the car for 12 months so don't want them trying to knock the price down on damage when I don't think I've done it.
So this is why I've keep my eye on my car before it goes into dealers and a good look round my car when I get it back from them.
Sorry if I'm coming across as picky but I'm not going let them fleece me

And I quite like the edition1 center caps 50 quid off flea bay.
Benny, I'm assuming that you bought the car from new. If that is the case then crystallising the depreciation at 12 months will upset you no end.
I don't blame you for being particular with your car and when other people do the damage it is all the more annoying.

The engine cover would irritate the hell out of me as that's just carelessness so perhaps worth mentioning if you're sure it wasn't cracked before. Can't say you'll get far as it's hard to prove but worth a go.

I had a wheel damaged by a tyre fitter about 18 months ago. Got home to look at the wheel and could see they'd hit one of the spokes in the middle and caught the edge. I went back and pointed out the wheels were original and immaculate and now this one is damaged. The fitter came out and looked and apologised. They paid out for a refurb and that was a well known rather large chain so may be worth having a word OP.
The car is four years old now, so the previous owner copped for all the depreciation,
I paid 19.500 for it so will expect them to knock the price down on anything they can, you know what dealers are like.

This is a better picy
Gave it a quick clean so you can see it better
I'd be very annoyed with that dealer. This is one area dealers can easily fall down compared to indys. An indy has a reputation to maintain where a dealer has a captive market, especially during the first few years.

I've also had to remove the star badge as it was more or less hanging off, was a bit worried about it falling off and lodging in the engine and catching fire

Can't believe how flimsy these star nadges are, very cheaply made tack.

I know I'll loose a few grand at resale, I put 6.500 down so just so long as I brake even will do me

Thinking of going for an jap car next Z350 are fairly cheap and I bet loads of fun :thumb:
Ben, I used a wheel centre cap star (carefully removed from an old cap before it was discarded) to fix on the ECU cover in my engine bay:


(the cover originally was just plain ugly aluminium, with horrible black corrosion dots)

You might find that the size is a match, as Mercedes often uses same dimensions for different branding parts - worth a try anyway.

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