Blank service stamp booklet WANTED for W123 280TE

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Simon Lukas

New Member
Sep 10, 2010
280TE (s123) & SLK230 (r170)
I would be most grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction, as my first booklet has run out, and I am keen to keep my service history up to date for my beloved 2 owner 280TE. Please help!! Email me please, [email protected]. Thanks lots!!
Blank service books are available from Merc although they have 'Duplicate' stamped through them.
Thank you so much!! I am in London, and the car is in Australia, being prepared to join me over here. I have emailed the Australian MB dealers, without success. I shall contact an MB dealer over here. Thanks again!!
I bought one in April. Part number...Z6515802702 'maintenance book' although expect to get the modern version.

Should cost £5.95.+ vat.
Just for everyone's information - I just requested one from MB Inchcape and apparently it's now out of print with orders expected to take a few months to fulfil. Also, two years on the price has increased to £10.06 plus postage of £4.95!
Well, when I told Inchcape I would buy the service manual at another site which apparently has them in stock (turned out to be on behalf of MB Gloucester), Inchcape replied saying they happen to have one in stock!
Wouldn't a period one be better? It's cheaper and having had Inchcape admit they have one in stock, they might even budge on the price of the £90 document wallet if I get both (I'll start a new thread on this, but I need the wallet too)
I ended up getting one from a Mercedes dealer in Melbourne (well, my father collected it anyway!!). Exactly the same as Book 1 which had been filled up!

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