Blanket weed

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Aug 11, 2005
Solihull, near Birmingham
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Dear chums

Anyone got any recommendations on a suitable product for ridding a pond of this stuff.

Water is fine, lovely and clear, fish thriving but everywhere there is tons of this stuff

Twizzling it round a cane is one way, but I doubt I will live long enough at the rate it's spreading.

A little weed

Hi,I sufferd in silence and so did the fish trying to control blanket weed, first i tryed to keep on top of it manualy pulling it out with a forked stick(winding it around).I tryed the adatives and increased the shade,put recomended plants in that overtook the pond then you can't see the water but none of it cured the problem.Four summers ago I helped a friend to build a pond for his father.the pond was small and raised to aprox four feet high with a small cascade.The unusal design was for his dad as he could not bend down and his eyesight is failing,bring the pond up to him.I left my friend to it to install the liner and pump.I returned two weeks later and it was fantastic all working with some goldfish in it.His water was sparkling he had bought an all in one pump and ultra violet filter.I knew that he had such a small volume of water and large surface area weed would be a problem ! It was not.I brought a u-v filter system and my water has stayed clear all summer for a good few years.They recomend changing the bulb every year. my bulb has been on for over three years and not a sign of pea soup or blanket weed in that time.:thumb:Thanks for your time.


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