Bleeding Brakes 2012 C204

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Oct 8, 2023
Frankfurt Germany
Hey Benz enthusiasts, I'm going to be doing a complete Break job on my Manual 2012 C250 Coupé as soon as the parts come. That is front and rear Pads and Rotors and both Handbrake sets. It needs doing and I really can't afford to get it done at a Garage right now. I also want to flush the hydraulic system as well. I have ordered hand operated a power bleeder and Mercedes Dot 4 plus Break Fluid. I am very technically inclined ( Refrigeration equipment engineer ) but I'm not sure if the fluid flush is as easy as forums and YouTube make it seem. Has anyone got a good guide or video to share. Do I need to bleed the Clutch slave cylinder at the same time? I could let a garage just do the flush but I would like to be able to do it myself. Any input is appreciated. Cheers Alex

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