Blocked washer jets CLS

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Dec 21, 2021
Brighton UK
Having wasted 2 afternoons removing and trying unsuccessfully (yes ! every trick in the book ) to unblock my 2010 CLS washer jets i bit the bullet and got a pair from main dealership- £70 inc vat but I would never have achieved the delightful spray pattern and effectiveness of the new replacements -

Seems alot of money but it’s a safety thing and poor jets at wrong moment can make a poor windscreen visibility worse at precisely the time you want clear 100% crystal clear vision - the non heated were not much cheaper so I went whole hog.

Interesting that the parts manager said it’s not an uncommon issue for older cls - I’m dissecting the faulty ones to see exactly what ans what I was unable to clear blockage effectively with full professional workshop facilities and chemicals at my disposal- if I fine owt useful I will update
Which type are they ? The non adjustable ones with one tiny square hole and one slightly larger rectangular hole ? Not sure what you mean by the 'non heated ones' Surely on a 2010 CLS they would be heated , ? and if they were not heated the wiring to connect them must be absent 🤷‍♂️

I'm interested because just today I replaced one on my car that I could simply not clear out even with the use of my air compressor. I bought a new one from MB.
Yup. I had exactly the same experience . Took it off spent time trying to unblock it , swapped it to the other side of the bonnet , blew all sorts of potions through it followed by compressed air = no joy.

Fitted a new one today . Like you I will chop the old Bastard open just for the heck of it . :D
While there …….intreated it to a Merc oil filter- although retired i work a few days a week at a local garage and you’d be amazed at the number of collapsed oil filters i remove from the many cars i service daily-

a collapsed oils filter just isn’t filtering any oil - the genuine Merc ones are stiffer and some have additional structural membrane to maintain filter shape under extreme pressure and temperature - costing £13 for genuine as opposed to £8 ish for a cheaper wix , crossland Fram etc - for me it’s just not worth the saving

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