Blower is acting up.

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Jan 4, 2024
Mercedes c350e Estate
I have a 66 plate C350e Estate. My blower has started to act up. It started with me switching off the ignition, removing the key and the blower continued at around 3. I could not locate the fuse so eventually disconnected the battery to cut it out. It was also not working increasing or decreasing the speed or using the windshield quick clear button. Restarted and blower continued to not function.

The following morning it was functioning.. then the next day.,..not. then the next day yes. Now not working for two days straight.

I have checked all fuses pertaining to the climate control and blower. 209, 311 207 mf2 mf3. All good. I have stripped out the passenger footwell carpet to access the interior pre-fuse box. Voltage for connection to regulator showing 12v . Checked connected going into blower regulator also showing 12volts.

I am stumped. Any thoughts would be really appreciated.

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