Blower kaput 300ce

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Oct 23, 2011
E300 td Subaru forrester
The heater/blower has stopped working on my 300ce 24 checked the fuse and the plastic around the bottom of it has melted and the fuse has sunk in what could have caused it.
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Might be just rubbish fuse. Originally these fuses were ceramic to withstand heat, but yours might be replaced with cheap plastic. If there was a short somewhere the fuse should have blown, not melted. Also might be weak contact at fuse that couses arcing and overheats it.
No it's not the fuse it's the fuse box thats melted but it's only melted at base the fuse wasn't fused I broke it getting it out.
Simply a connection that couldn't take the current draw without a voltage drop. Bad connection, dodgy fuse or bad design. Nothing to worry about.
If you can't clean up the connection you will need to bypass it and wire in an inline fuse.
Thanks Ted I checked underneath the screw was tight I wondered if perhaps the bearings on the blower were knacked and tightening up so trying to draw more power what do you think it must got really hot to melt the houseing for the fuse
Unlikely to be that as the maximum current draw is at full speed and how often do you use that?
I also think that if the bearings/bushes were tightening up then you would hear them squeal or the speed reduce. It is still possible though.
Remember that the higher the load, the more likely this is to happen, and is (was) not uncommon on circuits that controlled consumables like hrw, heater, headlamps etc.
Sorted £57 new modern type fuse left blower full on all the way home from garage didn't even get warm.

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