Bluetooth connection issues

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May 28, 2023
Surrey UK
E220 CDI SE Morgan Plus4
Hi all

2013 E220 CDI

I cant keep my phone connected to the car. For some reason, when playing music through spotify it loses connection and I get a

'bluetooth connection paused' and I have to press the wheel to 'play' again. However it then starts the song again !

It seems to do it at random times. Usually after a minute or so into a song, a minute 30 seconds or so.

It did it with my old phone but ive just upgraded and its doing the same on this one. Ive tried disconnecting and re-connecting but same :-(

When I jump in the car it connects no problem, it just wont bloomin well stay connected !! GGrrr

Does or has anyone had anything similar ? Is there a 'fix' ?

Thank you


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