Bluetooth connection - no audio 2011 C class

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Jul 30, 2011
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Hello all,

I today collected my new 2011 C220 CDI Sport Estate in Fire Opal - hence my moniker. Standard Audio 20 - not COMAND.

Already I've stumbled upon my first user problem.

This is a downsize from an ML300 Sport which was traded (and a new A class for the last 5 days as a courtesy car whilst the new one was delivered).

I have a Motorola Gleam phone (yes I know - it has big buttons and makes phone calls - that's all I need!) and have had no issues connecting it in either the ML or the A class but I'm struggling with the C Class as follows:-

It pairs as you would normally expect, except the new Audio 20 has a new version of Bluetooth (2.1) which connects through Secure Simple Pairing.

Basically instead of typing a four digit code on the Audio 20 then repeating the same on your phone, the system automatically generates a 6 digit code and sends it to the phone - it asks you if the numbers on the phone and the audio 20 display are the same - if it is you press yes you're done.

All nice and easy.

It then asks me for remote access to the phone book on the handset - which I answer yes (I assume I'm meant to say yes - this is new to me?)

So far so good.

However, I have no audio.

The Audio 20 recieves and makes calls in the normal manner, there's just no sound through the system whatsoever.

I checked the mike wasn't switched off, I checked every setting I could on the phone, I de authorised and re authorised...still nothing.

Hmm - I'm thinking the car is I go and find Mrs Red C220's phone - it pairs in the normal way (4 digit code) - works perfectly - sound intact....

Try my phone again - no audio at all - still makes and receives calls, you just can't hear a sausage.

Right I think, I'll force the new phone through on the old four digit code entry and all will be well - you can't it's all automatic.

Now I'm convinced I've just got a wrong setting somewhere but I'll be damned if I can find it.

Do any of you technological people have the answer for me?


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Aug 9, 2012
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I have exactly the same problem on my 58 B108 sport. The phone pairs, I have transfered contacts, I can ring out and recieve calls and incoming calls ring on the car system but no voice sounds. If anyone has any Ideas I would be very gratefull . My wife has a new TMobile vivacity and that is exactly the same:dk:

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