Blummen iPaq

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May 16, 2005
This and that.
I've got a HP rx3715 iPaq.

Why does it keep turning Bluetooth on? It's forever trying to find a device to connect to.

I've turned it off in the Manager, I have no paired devices, and I've told it not to try to connect, but it still does.


are you running an application that uses a bluetooth devices for example tomtom?

Also try doing a soft reset. Next i would got to the wireless settings on your ipaq and make sure the bluetooth option is set to off.
Runnign Tomtom, but the cabled version, and I've been through the wizard, and it's definitely not set to use Bluetooth.

We've done several resets, and trhe wireless manager is turned off, for WiFi and BT. It keeps switching BT back on though......
Which version of windows is the device running?
Mobile 2003 second edition V 4.21.1088

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