Bogus motor insurance company: H&O Insure Limited

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Nov 24, 2003
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LONDON (Citywire) - The Financial Services Authority is warning consumers about a company called 'H&O Insure Limited' which it believes is offering invalid motor insurance policies to the general public.

"Policies issued under this name have come to light in the Birmingham area, but the extent and location of all the sales of such policies are not known," said the FSA.

H&O Insure claims to be based at 4 Equity House, 42 Central Square, Wembley HA9 7AL. But the FSA says this address is empty and awaiting demolition and there is no trace of the company on the register maintained by Companies House. The company is not authorised by the FSA to act as an insurer so policies are invalid.

The FSA points out that anyone who deals with an unauthorised firm does not have access to the financial services compensation and complaints schemes. Drivers who have bought motor cover through this company may be committing a criminal offence by driving without valid insurance cover. In addition, if they were to have an accident, injuring a third party, they could be sued for compensation which could put their home and all other assets at risk.

The FSA advises that anyone who has bought cover through H&O Insure to arrange alternative cover immediately. The FSA would also like anyone who has had contact with H&O Insure to contact the FSA on 0845 606 1234 to help with their enquiries.

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