Bolt FAQ & New Year Bolt special – fed up of rusty/stuck bolts?

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Mar 11, 2005
There seems to be much dissatisfaction with Mercedes oem bolts and locking bolts, so we’ve decided to offer our RAD bolts as a New Year Special!

There seem to be various problems with Mercedes bolts: corrosion issues, sticking bolts, shearing heads.

We specialise in selling only genuine oem wheels, but when it comes to bolts, oem are not good enough, so we buy from a company called RAD in Germany.

RAD bolt/locking bolt specification:
Manufactured to DIN EN ISO 898
Strength Class 10.9
Dacromet 500A coating – 240 hour salt spray test resistance guaranteed
Wheelgun proof - even the locking bolts can withstand 400Nm
Every single bolt is tested and logged on a PACE test machine

Mercedes bolts are zinc plated and last around 20 hours in the ‘salt spray test’, a laboratory test where metal components are sprayed with a corrosive agent and inspected for corrosion at various time intervals. The 20 hours that Mercedes bolts last is roughly equivalent to a year’s use.
The RAD bolts are guaranteed to 240-500 hours, so at least 12 years equivalent.

There are broadly 4 sizes of Mercedes wheelbolt, below are the sizes, art numbers and prices from Mercedes:

1. M12x1.5x21R12
Used for steel, space saver and some of the latest forged wheels on M12 bolted cars
Standard bolt B66470132 Set of 20 RRP £34.87
Locking bolt B66400142

2. M12x1.5x39R12
Used for all genuine Mercedes/AMG alloy wheels on M12 bolted cars
Car codes: 107/124/126/129/168/170/171/201/202/203/208/209/210/414
Standard bolt B66470133 set of 20 RRP £35.67
Locking bolt set B66408233 RRP £51.75

3. M14x1.5x27R14
Used for genuine Mercedes/AMG alloy wheels on the latest Mercedes models
Car codes: 230/211/219/163/164/169/245/221/216/251
Standard bolt (silver) A2114010370 set of 20 RRP £41.83
Standard bolt (black) A1634010670 set of 20 RRP £44.18
Locking bolt set (silver) B66408248 RRP £53.00
Locking bolt set (black) B66408245 RRP £69.11

4. M14x1.5x45R14
Used for genuine Mercedes/AMG alloy wheels on various older M14 bolted models
Car codes: 220/215/140/638/639/460/463
Standard bolt A0009900907 set of 20 RRP £68.82
Standard bolt with extra long drive A1404000570 set of 20 RRP £80.84
Locking bolt set B66408239 RRP £51.75

*All prices taken from, some bolts may be available under different part numbers at different prices, A prefix numbers may have B prefix equivalents

Our offer of replacement RAD bolts
1. M12x1.5x21R12 – zero stock, can order if there is demand

2. M12x1.5x39R12
20 bolts RAD4143 £19 (usual price £40)
16 bolts RAD4143 & locking bolts RAD2145 £35 (usual price £62)
1 set locking bolts RAD2145 £19 (usual price £30)

3. M14x1.5x27R14
20 bolts RAD4227 £25 (usual price £40)
16 bolts RAD4227 & locking bolts RAD2223 £39 (usual price £62)
1 set locking bolts RAD2223 £19 (usual price £30)

4. M14x1.5x45R14
20 bolts RAD4302 £29 (usual price £40)
16 bolts RAD4227 & locking bolts RAD2304 £45 (usual price £62)
1 set locking bolts RAD2304 £25 (usual price £30)

Delivery rates
Bolts & locking bolts (2&3) £8 Special Delivery
Bolts & locking bolts (4) £10 Parceline Next Day
Just locking bolts £5 Special Delivery
Combinations of sets, as many as you like £10 Parceline Next Day

Other notes
1. Other sizes available for special applications, please ask below and I will add them to the list
2. BMW bolts also available
3. Phosphoric acid based wheel cleaners will cause premature rusting of Dacromet coated bolts
4. re-torque all bolts after 200-300 miles running
5. Prices valid until January 15th 2007

Call us to place your order: [removed]
Chris Murray
Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd (formerly Murray Systems)
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