Boot latch release

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Nov 22, 2023
Swindon, Wiltshire, England
SLK 200
I have a 2008 SLK 200 Automatic. My issue is the central locking system is working from my key fob except I am unable to open the boot with the boot release latch without the use of the emergency key from the fob.
When I have opened the boot and lifted the lid I can manually actuate the lock mechanism and release it with the manual latch whilst the boot lid is held in the fully open position.
As I lower the lid there is a clunk within and the latch stops working. If the lock is in the locked position it opens as the lid is lowered.
The latch used to operate intermittently but does not seem to operate at all now without using the key in the fob.

I would be really pleased if some one can identify the problem and how to resolve this issue I have looked on the internet and the closest I have found is where there is a lock switch in the glovebox on the E300 saloon, unfortunately I am unable to find a similar switch on my car.

I am fairly practical and can do most maintenance jobs so long as I know what I am looking for.
I'm not familiar with that model so may be way off the mark. I think I'd start with the cleaning and lubricating all the moving parts in the mech. Failing that is there roof related micro switch that prevents boot operation? Maybe a code reader will help you track it down.
Here is a bit more information that I have tried today, with the car locked from the Key Fob, I unlocked the the car with the key fob the boot would not open with the latch however it did open with the key fob boot open button. with the boot lid up I then manually locked the boot latch then activated the central locking, the Boot lid was locked and I could not open the boot latch with the boot latch release as expected.
I then unlocked the car with the key fob and I was able to open the boot latch whilst in the elevated position. I am losing what little hair i have left LOL, I am sure there must be a Mercedes enthusiast/mechanic who may have the solution to this issue?

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