Boot remote problem and CLK200 Cab not starting

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by oldflanker, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. oldflanker

    oldflanker New Member

    Sep 7, 2011
    clk 200; '69 230CE
    Can anyone help !!

    Wife has had a problem with remote boot-unlock for some time - either from switch at console or from remote. Sometimes works but other times need to be unlocked on key.

    Today I drove the car. Returned to it and although ignition came on would not start. Thought it might have been a sensor at gear lever. Then thought might be something to do with key itself - called wife who thought spare might be inside the boot! Tried the button inside car a couple of times but would not open, But it would start again. Have got home, turned off and started a couple of times no problem. But then went to open boot from button and suddenly it won't start again.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Have looked through the forum but can't fins anything which is the same problem.

    BTW she also has problems now and again that the roof won't open.

    Any help appreciated . Thanks

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