Bored with my TomTom: I need a new toy!

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Feb 20, 2009
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I have a TomTom 720. I bought it nearly three years ago. It's good, and does what it says on the box.

However, I feel I need a new toy......:cool:

What can I buy which:

1/ gives me Sat Nat
2/ OS maps
3/ Suitable for walking
4/ Bluetooth for the mobile

Budget? Dunno, but maybe £200-300ish....?

Ideally, small enough to go in my pocket when walking but big enough to be useable in the car.

I don't want anything (such as a phone-based toy) which is on contract. I don't make many calls/texts and I'm happy on PAYG.

An iPhone will do everything you want with the TomTom app and iOSmaps app installed , besides the Googlemaps app that comes on it as standard , but WILL cost a little bit more than £300 on PAYG ( I think you can get the handset for £350ish then the tomtom app is a further £60 or £70 , other apps I mentioned are free ) . Also gives you free wi-fi access at lots of places throughout the UK .

EDIT - you could probably pick up a used iPhone 3G for a lot less ( people who have upgraded to the 3GS will have them for sale ) then just put tom tom and whatever else on it .
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Or you could use a Nokia handset. They've just announced that their Nokia Maps turn by turn sat nav for all the world is free. I've got it and use it at times when I do not have the sat nav unit (Garmin). I've used the Nokia maps in the USA and it was really good. HTH


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