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Aug 20, 2017
mercedes 220d cdi
hi c220cdi 2015 why is it the bottom suspention link inner bush has a slotted hole but a round bolt , ,the thing is my merc was pulling to the left and scrubbed tyre but found wheel bearing was well loose so sorted that but still slight vear to left so I got the tracking done , hey presto car went in a straight line , on the way home I hit a pothole and it tracked to the left , so went back to the guy who redone it for free, so when I was looking as to geometry I saw you can bye parts or just the bush and on youtube they show you how but allways saw this slotted hole and wonderd why

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Nov 11, 2016
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Some bolts are slotted so they can be put each side of the slot , some bolts have no slot and can only go in the middle. Thus allowing MB to make one part be used on different cars that require different camber . If you have no slot in the bolt it will ONLY fit in the middle , so that bits easy. If the bolt is slotted it has to go in one of the two other positions available.

Just make sure you put it back in the same position that it came out. :thumb:

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