Bought something mildly interesting last night...

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Nov 9, 2014
911 3.2, S70 AMG
Hello everyone!
Pistonheader from Norway here.
Been looking at some old merc uberwagons the past few months, toying around with a R129 SL perhaps, or W124 500E why dontcha? wasn't really bothered if it was a saloon, cab, or coupe. Just a big lump up front and a rifle bolt auto latched on to it ( a slow rifle perhaps :hehe: )

Anyway, 500E prices seem a bit on the up don't they? seem to remember they were 5-6k a few years back - not a snowballs chance in hell of finding anything other than bonafide wallet rapists nowadays for that sort of money anyway...
Anyhoo, my search carried on across europe and - after struggling to find value for money ( to my tight eyes anyway) .........across the pond - seen a few rather tasty AMG re-imports from japan and after a pint too many I Stumbled upon japanese auction sites... sweet baby jesus now we`re tolkien!

I don't really have a big income by most of you powerful company directors standards - so my budget was somewhat limited. Being a salesman without a fixed income and not knowing when the next quid is gonna come in - I dislike car loans with a vengeance. So that would be a cash only sir - which did limit me somewhat.

A few rather tasty R129 AMG models popped up , but I had to be realistic here and I weren't getting into these anywhere near my budget.

I got in touch with a bidding agent for a car I reckoned Id at least have a shot at, told him how much I could spend and told him to have a go. He wasn't being very optimistic, the car in question usually went for 30-40% above my max. Told him I had a good feeling about this one! According to an inspector these was some minor surface rust underneath the exhaust, and there was a little oil residue underneath the engine, which was also running a little Rough. Meh, nothing blowing the cobwebs out of it down a few main rows wouldn't sort out... Bork factor : President.

Well, Seems like Fortuna was with me that day - because I Won the car! for 10% below my max to boot!

The car in question? A model which Ive read and heard very little about compared to the haloed E500 W124, E60 models....

Its got a V12 NA. 7 liters. 720 NM of torque. 500 bhp of AMG goodness. A certain Horatio Pagani also seems to rate the engine.
Its an S70 AMG from 1998! Full fat factory delivered in Japan with AMG rims, AMG bespoke interior and a full service history.

75.000 Miles :)

How much I paid for it? Around 8-9 grand, give or take.. to my layman eyes it seems like better value than a 500E!






Hell, that's a lot of iron for the money, take the badges off and put a S280 on the bootlid you'll scare the crap out of the boy racers when you floor it.
Welcome to the forum, very rare beast you have there.

Your English looks impeccable too!
What SPX says.

And certainly welcome aboard.
Congrats, quite a special car and an apparent bargain. I have had no fewer then 4 jap imports down the years and everyone a good un.

Can you add a link to the websites?
I'm not I want to say this either ..... but please send a link to the Japanese auction website.... could be dangerous! I had never heard of this machine...after quick web lookup they are really rare as per the link, really looking forward to updates on this thread:thumb:

112 were built between 1996 and 1998, all to special order. Based on long-wheelbase S600s (known as 600 SELs until 1993) and hence a V140, not a W140 (he's still got it!), the S70s use a slightly earlier version of the 7.3 that featured in later cars and the SLs and Zondas we mentioned just last week.Apparently some S73 versions did also get made.

You Know You Want to: Mercedes S70 AMG - PistonHeads
Money very well spent!!
Welcome to the forum!

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Very nice! There was that black one for sale in UK few months ago for around 17K? Seems like a bargain.

I used Bulldog Bros trading, Im on their mailing list and they mail me interesting cars! Also did the bidding for me.

You can bid yourself but seeing as the auctions are 1 minute and takes place in the middle of the night, I let them do it for me and sort the paperwork... they dont cost the earth...
Its a left hooker????? Why would you want one of these in Japan?
Its a left hooker????? Why would you want one of these in Japan?

L/h/d's have more kudos in Japan.

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