Bouncy ride with airmatic


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Dec 5, 2014
I happen to own 2010 W164 ML 320 CDI Airmatic. It recenlty got all four airbags, rear shocks, height sensors, compressor, sway bar bushings changed at the mercedes dealership. Before you ask i have also new Dunlop XL summer tires and they are all balanced. Somehow i have two issues:

1) The ride on Sport mode is extremely bouncy. if there is a bit of undulation on motorway, i am jumping up and down in the car. This was not the case before all these above replacements. Normal and Comfort modes are ok.

2) I feel as if the car is needed small left and right steering adjustments while driving. Also if i am hit by cross wind, i feel the car is not stable as it is and its rolling left and right. I can replicate it by turning steering wheel very rapidly left and right when coasting at very low speed: the car body is not very firm and makes left and right rolls.

3) The mechanics at the dealership had difficulties in adjusting the car ride height after installing the new suspension parts even if they used STAR. They told me it is ok now but i have doubts. I appreciate if you could indicate your ML W164s ride height on four corners (from ground to fender lip thru wheel center.



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May 7, 2007
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Ride height should be measured from the wheel centre to the wheel arch. Measurements from the ground up will carry too many errors from the various tyres fitted and inflation pressures.

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