Brabus/AMG replicas'

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Good site that, replicas yes but cheap enough and a lifetime guarantee on wheel structure.

How you'd go on claiming I don't know as they will say it's pot hole damage.

Rep wheels are allegedly not as strong as genuine wheels but how true and to what level is unproven, however when you price gen sets up at £2-5K then you can see why these markets thrive.
hi mate what brabus wheels are you after as i may be able to help you out?
Yes they do post to the UK, I have mentioned the forum and will see what they come back with.
I am not after any wheels at the moment thanks, I was just have a very quiet day at work!

Hi, has anyone ordered any of these? I might be in the market for some new wheels. Cheers
hi all.

i bought a set of 22" AMG replicas from this crowd before...

1st class service; wheels arrived within 5 or 6 days, and they were very good quality; they even used to have the correct AMG engraving on them, but don't seem to now.

i would heartily recommend:thumb:
whats the best n cheapest source to get tyres for my 2008 c200 w204.

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