Brabus box w211 Insurance increase ?

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Jun 26, 2013
Guys what sort of insurance should i be paying on my e320 cdi sport now the brabus box is fitted ?
My wife had it on her own swinton policy ,but when asked what the increase would be if i had the box fitted they said i had to contact their high performance department who have not got back to me :rolleyes:

I am covered under my own traders insurance ,but would like to seek out a single policy for the car alone , anyone out there have the D6 box fitted to the same car and how much did their insurance go up and who are they with etc ?
Aviva wanted around 10% extra for mine, however, I know a guy whose quote went from £500 to £1000 due to the chip :eek:.

Postcodes vary wildly though.
No Brabus box on mine but factory fit Brabus K1s tuning kit. ( SC Pulley, bigger intercooler, etc.) No premium increase they just rate it the same as a standard car also other mods declared and it doesn't seem to make that much difference that with Admiral Multi car
Admiral charged £100 for the first year and nothing beyond that. The had allowable tolerances, I think anything over 25% increase in power was a no-no.

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