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Sep 16, 2015
Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey
Mercedes E63 S AMG
I asked Brabus to give me a quote for a full system.

I was gobsmacked at the price!

Anyone else had this fitted?

<<I have listed a breakdown of prices below. I must mention that in order to fit the Brabus valve controlled exhaust, the carbon rear diffuser must also be fitted to accommodate the titanium exhaust tips.

Brabus Valve controlled exhaust:£4843.20 inc VAT
Carbon fibre diffuser:£2472.00 inc VAT

Labour to fit:£1056.00 inc VAT

Total:£8371.20 inc VAT

I have added a link to a video clip below, this is a E63 850 however it has the same exhaust fitted. >>


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The guts of £8.5k and it sounds like a toy soldier drummer boy trapped in a biscuit tin in a concrete stairwell.
I got a similar spite for my old Sl63.

There are cheaper routes which get as good a result and I took one of those
Sounds terrible! :doh:

Spend the £8.5k on petrol, tyres and holidays or something.
Wow, talk about if you've got money to burn. That said Brabus kit always seems to be ridiculously expensive. Interesting sound though it makes the gear change sound like a BOV!
Could buy a mail order wife for that price! That sound reminds me of early Saturday mornings at the start of summer when there's a glimpse of sunshine- everyone cutting their lawns
That loud eh?

TBH I can't warrant spending over £8k on an exhaust - that's just bordering on the ridiculous!

I have to agree with you. Silly money wasted...
£8k for that?

It makes the car sound it has an engine fault and is back-firing on gear change.

Utter shyte.
Interesting fitting costs. Our company charges £45/ hr for bespoke fabrication. Some people think we're expensive. Translating that it seems that on that rate + Vat it would take 16 hrs to fit the diffuser and exhaust. I am still pondering over which part doesn't fit very well!

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