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Apr 3, 2014
Hi guys it have noticed that my front brakes produce alot of dust and it's really hard to keep my wheels clean anyone else have this problem? W211 e280 cdi sport thanks

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Having the same problem myself and assuming I have OEM pads fitted.

I am going to try EBC Redstuff pads as I have read they are very low on dust deposits.
Not sure what type of pads are fitted I agree I was looking at ebc redstuff also I have sports package and cheapest I can find them for is £76 on e bay. I bought autoglym new product called wheel protector which is meant to repel brake dust etc £9.99 a can from Halfords

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EBC have low dust but they fit badly and crumble.
Really what's recommended?

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Really what's recommended?

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OEM and use a sealant on the wheels. A lot people say it's doesn't work, but it does if you continue to top up your sealant.
For brake dust and wheel cleaner there is only one choice for me; Bilberry Wheel Cleaner > ValetPro - Professional Valeting Supplies . I have been a convert for a couple of years now because it really does do the trick. It can be diluted for light cleaning or used neat for heavy duty cleaning but I have a sprayer mix of 1:1 (water:cleaner) and haven't ever found it struggling and as it is so cost effective, have not bothered diluting further.
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BlackC55 said:
EBC have low dust but they fit badly and crumble.

Yep they are absolute garbage Ferodo DS2000 Pagid Pro or Sparco race Best pads by a mile far better than MB I have Pagid pro in W208 Sparco in Volvo Ferrodo in Beetle All perform brilliant and much better than OEM brakes a lot firmer and no fade I also use the AG wheel sealer linked earlier protected my diamond cut wheels for 7 years now
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I use bilberry for cleaning with various wheel woolies, C5 g techniq wheels off job every 6 months, unfortunately as long as you use your brakes you'll get brake dust, granted it washes off easy with the correct maintenance.
G techniq C5 wheel protector. It won't stop the dust but it makes washing the dust off very very easy. I have it on both my Sclass and Discovery. A quick spray with the hose every few days and the wheels are clean, no work required.

I put away my discovery summer tyres in a rush, off for a trip, and then forgot when we returned to clean them. I put them on after they had sat for 6 months with brake dust on them and sprayed them with the hose. They are clean and shining like new again and no soap or cleaning products used. I simply cannot say how well it works.

Get it applied properly and cured initially with lights then do not wash for a week as water spots left on it will wreak havoc with the finish.

I've just had a full set of akebono euro ceramic pads fitted on my car. No distributors here in the UK, so I ordered from amazon and they were shipped over from the U.S.

It's very early days but they seem to work very well and no squealing. They are very highly rated on the U.S. forums and meant to give far less brake dust which was my primary reason for trying them as my wheels are a sod to keep clean, especially the polished lips.

Price was pretty good too and worked out less than oem from mb (full set app £215 inc shipping and duties).
Bought some of this to try on BigG's recommendation.

Wheel Protector - Products - Autoglym

As its 2 for 1 again in Halfrauds, I got some of this too

Halfords | Autoglym Clean Wheels 500ml

To be honest, as I wash my car pretty frequently, brake dust is never thick on the wheels anyway so this stuff may be a waste of time. I do know it's not much cop getting it out of the spray top.
Had Ferrodo on the Viano from new - lots of dust but it washes off easily. They need replacing so going to try Pagid.
That Autoglym wheel protector is some good stuff. (See post 13)

Driven about 20 miles today with one or two heavy braking stops and there isn't a trace of brake dust on the rims at all. Normally would have been covered, so this gets a:thumb: from me.
Thanks for the recommendation Big_G
EBC red are good for normal fast road driving, if you track your car then don't bother as they will crumble.

I had a set crumble on me after a track day, EBC replaced them FOC, then next set have been on for 3ooo miles since and they are fine so far.

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