Brake lines Schematic for S211 E270 Model 2003

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Sep 25, 2013
Mercedes E270 ********** 2003
Hi can anyone prove a brake lines schematic for the E270 T model 2003?

Brake fluid is leaking from the n/s front just in front of the front door area.

Also any advice on the repair, will copper pipe suffice?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I would have thought a quick look underneath the car would be the best plan to locate the leak. Remove the leaking pipe and use as a pattern to get one made up,unless it's a flexy that's leaking,then just use ECP website for a price for a new one.
Can anyone provide me with the actual part number for n//s brake line that goes from the sbc pump to the rear calliper and the cost for one from Mercedes?

Get a garage to make one with copper pipe, it will have gone behind the plastic panel underneath the n/s of the vehicle, don't drive the car.

Also make sure the garage you use have worked on sbc before.

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