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Jul 14, 2002
Audi A3 & S4 quattro

First of, I am not technically aware on this subject, so please forgive any rubbish I  may write!

I am having problems with brake "squeal".

This happens when the brakes are warm and gets worse when they get hotter, under medium to hard braking.

1. Squeal was rear left ONLY.

So I had a garage de-glaze the pads and re-grease both rears.

NO fix.

2. New rear pads fitted.

Have only done about 80 miles and I know I have to run in gently for a few hundred, but now when brakes warm up I still get squeal from what sounds like both rears!

I find it hard to believe this will go away on it's  own.

What can I try? It is def. the rear, as I have had front's checked. Disks and Pads good all round.

Should I have anti-squeal shims on the rear? (this is something I have read about, don't know if I have or not - garage did not mention and I forgot to ask).
you need to apply copper grease on top of the brake pads (edges) before u install!!!!

I have pics if u want.
Yeah the pads are greased, you can see the gold colour stuff, and the garage has re-done twice to check (on old pads and new).

Anyone know about the Shims question?

Did you ever get this sorted ? I have had my car for a week and it has developed the same symptoms - I doubt it is down to low pads as the car came direct from MB and would have had to pass its MOT last week. Identical symptoms to yours though - squealing from rear left predominantly but coming from the rear under medium to progressively heavier braking.

Let me know if you have a fix, before I phone the dealer up and ask them to check it out.


Went away on 3rd set of pads, but can still induce by prolonged heavy braking.
Sounds more like the discs, as they wear and get thinner they are more likely to vibrate, I had to take my car back three times before they agreed to fit new discs. They kept taking the pads out and cleaning them.:mad:
Replacing the discs I stayed away from, as they were not worn at the time. The rears dont get as much wear I know, but with the ASR working them too, I think they will need replacing not too long in the future anyway.
check with your dealer regarding squealing brakes as there is modified brake pads out for MLS,Aclasses and other models.
yours could be in this too.
we do have a lot of problems with mercs having squealing brakes,generally just removed the pads,cleaned,faced off and chamferred edges and cleaned calipers and discs thoroughly,could try scuffing the discs up with some 80 grit paper.
if to no avail,replace the discs and get the pads refaced and chamferred if they have plenty of meat left on them.
havn't heard of any shims though.
For anybody interested.....

New rear discs evetually cured this problem, (after much complaining to MB !)

Originally posted by sym
For anybody interested.....

New rear discs evetually cured this problem, (after much complaining to MB !)


Thanks. I still got the problem, although only when provoked.
My 190E had the same problem and I went to my dealers who fitted new pads AND SHIMS, problem cured
Thought I cured my problem when I had to shave 70mph off of my speed in a bit of a hurry the other week, as it went away for a while, but it's back again!

Not going to take to garage until next service, so it can wait till then, waited this long............
Why not try an air hose on it ? Blow it a bit?

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