Brake wear indicater sign on dash

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skyline pete

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Sep 9, 2010
CLK 230 K ..and a big DAF 105/510 bhp XF
as above just came up on dash ...says visit workshop/garage

would this be for front brakes,,,back brakes or all 4..dont want to take it too garage and get ripped off ,,them saying it means all 4 ??? when only front or back if you know what i mean ???
just started car with foot on

now reads 1 malfuncation on display
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The sensors are in the front pads.
It could be front or rear that are being detected ... Unlikely to be both.
If you take off your wheels and inspect your pads, it will be obvious which are well-worn down.
Also check your discs for corrosion or heavy wear.
The sensors are in the front pads.

On the MBs I have had, there tends to be a wear sensor on both sides at the front and on only one side at the rear.
I'm not sure if this applies to the OP's car.
Don't rule out the possibility of a faulty/damaged wear sensor/lead

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