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    I had my E350 serviced (B Service) in Jan (30,000 miles) and informed that I had about 20% left on the front brake pads, in Mar 2,000 miles later the warning light came on so I arranged for pad replacement at the dealer.

    I had a look and felt the edges of the discs and thought I would measure them with a micrometer, 30.04mm I understand the wear limit is 30mm

    I was surprised that the dealer did not tell me that the discs were wearing down when I had the car serviced in Jan. On asking I was told that "they give the discs a visual inspection on the B service, and would only measure them when changing pads"
    I find it hard to believe that they do not actually measure them during a service, am I wrong in this, or are they blowing me smoke?

    I have no problem spending money on service or brakes, I just expect a higher standard of work.
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    The wear limit will include a safety margin, sufficient I suspect to cover the likely wear during the life of a set of pads. As such, measuring disc thickness other than at the time pads are changed would be unnecessary unless some other brake fault such as judder or a pulsing brake pedal had been reported.
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