Brand new Vito W447 Sport 416miles manual gear selection issues

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Dec 16, 2017
2019 Vito 116 sport long manual, 2008 Vito Dualliner Sport 150 compact manual, 2019 Transit Connect
Hi, as the post says brand new Vito 116 sport long manual with 416miles. It was delivered Thursday night, I drove it for the first time yesterday 1/2hr into the journey I went to change down from 3rd to 2nd gear and it just wouldn't go into gear. I had to put it into 1st. There's no crunching or drama, it feels like something in the linkage/gate is blocking it from going into 2nd. Similar feeling to how you can't select reverse without lifting the safety feature on the gearstick. I tried varying degrees of force (never heavy) and careful manipulation. I would eventually run out of forward speed and have to go into 1st!

It doesn't occur every time - typical! However, its a reasonable frequency, as it happened another twice, once within minutes, and 1hr later in both cases from 3rd down into 2nd. Then 20mins later it wouldn't go from 1st to 2nd, but only once.

Parked it up for 6hrs. This time it seemed to select 2nd fine. However, when I got up to 40mph I was trying all the various gears and it wouldn't select 6th. But once I got up to 60mph it engaged 6th fine!

Called my local dealer and its gone straight into them this morning. While driving in this morning, circa 20miles, it wouldn't select 6th again, but 2nd was fine!
Needing some roof bars to get it running properly?

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