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My breakdown cover is due for renewal, what are peoples opinion of Rescue my Car, and has anyone used these (hopefully no-one has needed to):
Just been through this. Interestingly RAC renewal offered me and my wife any car cover to include roadside, home start, recovery, key return and motor legal insurance for £90. Not bad.
In my 40 or so years of motoring , I've only twice needed to have a car recovered ( once when the gearbox blew up on my Audi 100 , the other time when the diff siezed on my 300TE ) . Each time I got the local garage out for less than what a years breakdown membership would have cost .

There have , of course , been numerous minor mishaps which I have fixed myself at the roadside and got going again ( points closing up , cracked dizzy caps , broken fanbelts - that sort of thing ) . I always carry a basic toolkit and a few useful parts .

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