Breakdown cover

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Optimus prime

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Aug 4, 2012
Does anyone use I decent breakdown company other than Merc assistance?

Currently have rac but find it expensive. My car doesn't need a service until next yr so the Merc assistance will not start until then. Just looking for a good cheap alternative until then

RAC - been with them for years, always been very good. Now it's free with my bank account!
Look at quidco I for cash back.. My policy this year cost £45 for full UK recovery and inward travel after cash back
I use GEM Motoring Assist, got a good deal through Top cash back and it's personal cover not vehicle related, gets good reviews but please to say not had to use it.
Mine is up end of this month, I've been with the AA for 30 years but am now thinking of a change, they let us down badly in the winter. My LV insurance are offering Britannia for £50 a year less than AA for exactly the same cover.

I did a review of popular services this week, GEM came top with Britannia a close second.

Green flag used to be very popular around here but don't seem to hear much of them lately.

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