Breaking 2005 SL55

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Sep 2, 2011
Cadnam, New Forest
Well, what can I say, its an end of an era for me. My much loved and cherished SL55 has come to a sudden end. That dam tree was not there last time I swear. :wallbash:

Anyway, there is no way I could let the insurance company have it so I’m now breaking it for spares. I have owned the vehicle for many years, since there was a fresh 38k on the clock. It now has closer to 120k and I’ve enjoyed every mile, well, the last 100 yards werent so good. This was not a daily runner for me, it was used for pleasure only, normally in fine weather, annual road trips to Europe were amongst the very best. Although I did work out, I’ve spent more in fuel than I paid for the car.

It has been maintained meticulously all its life and stored in a garage when at home. I have always used the same Mercedes specialist called Pentangle in the New Forest who I completely trust and am now good friends with the owner, probably because of the amount of money I’ve given him over the years . I can provide invoices for all maintenance and servicing as required.


Down to business, although it’s a 2005 model it had all the 2007 facelift bodywork fitted, front and rear bumpers, rear light clusters, the clear centre break light etc.

Although this is quite a high mileage example the engine is still in very good condition and can be seen and heard running, its one of the few components that never gave me any trouble.

Almost everything is available for sale so please PM me if there is something specific you are after.

Modified parts available include:

- Quaife Limited Slip Diff (approx. 8k miles done since new)
- X-Pipe exhaust custom made by Acid and his team at MSL
- Lo-Mo Module, allowing you to raise and lower the car using the steering wheel controls, + or – 8 in both directions. This works with the original height button and is clever enough to reset the ride height to factory at a designated speed to ensure comfort and performance is not impacted. In short this means under 35mph it will drop to desired height automatically but then raise itself back up to factory settings above 35mph. See this video of my car when I first had it fitted:

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I purchased the optional wiring harness meaning connecting it to the vehicle is far easier, literally a plug and play option.

- Smart Top Module. This allows you to open and close the windows and the roof using the standard remote without the car running, a different combination or presses performs different actions. It also allows you to operate the roof while moving (up to 30mph).

o 2x Unlock (open all windows)
o 3x Unlock (open all windows and the roof)
o 4x Unlock (open the roof but leave windows up)
o 2x Lock (close all windows)
o 3x Lock (close all windows and the roof)

- Smaller Supercharger Pulley (wont sell separately though, this comes with the charger)
o MSL Performance Supplied (original on left - new on right, approx. 1 year old now)

- Remap performed by Jerry
- Denison GW 500S BT
o This is a great little box that connects into the factory CAN bus allowing you to use Bluetooth technology to stream music etc from Spotify and the like on your phone through the factory Bose system.
o Also has USB inputs for things like MP3’s, iPods Etc

Standard Parts NOT available

- Seats
- Glovebox
- Near Side front Wing
- Near Side side skirt
- Some parts of the interior plastic trip
- Front and Rear Batteries

Very New parts (recently replaced)

- The entire mechanism attached to the boot lid that operates when the roof is being used
- Those pieces of black plastic either side of the rear window that tend to deteriorate over time

Extra Parts Available

- Original set of wheels, diamond cut face and charcoal grey finish inside.
o Diamond cut face in good but not great condition, I had them properly refurbed many years ago.

- Genuine AMG Leather bag designed to sit behind the seats, very good condition and a must have, very nice piece of kit

- Genuine wind deflector, excellent condition, no holes or damage anywhere.
- A second genuine wind deflector, has 2 splits in the fabric which have been repaired

Price List

Please see below a price list for some of the compoents listed above, please contact me directly for any other parts you may be interested in.

LoMo M1 £500
SmartTop Module £250
Denison GW 500S BT £260
Genuine AMG Leather Bag £360
Genuine Wind Deflector1 £250
Genuine Wind Deflector2 (holes) £180
Genuine AMG 22 Spoke wheels £750 (tyres are no good)
Quaife LSD £650
SL55 R230 Engine £4100
SL55 Supercharger £1200

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