Breaking Rust free W210 US Car UK Registered E Class

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Jan 19, 2003
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Breaking UK Registered (US Car, Rare V8, W210, E420, M119, 1995, Very Low Mileage)

This model was built for less than one year and is pre E430. However, it has been registered in the UK so all the lighting meets UK specification.

By virtue of it being a US car, it has minimum to no body Rust. So although it has dings it has good body panels which are all available. Would make good donor for original body panels. Obviously it has US spec Boot/Truck Lid and Front bumper with cruise lights.

Colour is Black

Parts Available:

NB: Lights are UK spec since it has been registered here!

All electrics are fully functioning and tested and Mileage is less than 60,000

• Electric Rear Blind
• Alloys Diamond Cut Edges (Will Need refurb)
• Pair of Genuine Hella Xenon Headlights (UK Spec)
• Left Headlamp wash systems
• Right Headlamp wash systems
• US Spec Boot Lid
• US Spec Front Bumper with cruise lights
• All Body Panels (No rust)
• Front suspension
• Shocks
• Springs (Sold)
• All Bodywork
• Sunroof
• Rear Lights
• Front Fog/Driving Lights (Sold)
• Some interior bits excluding the front seats

Parts Not Available

• Engine & Ancillaries
• 5 Speed Gearbox
• Differential
• Propshaft
• Rear Sub frame or Drive Train
• Rack
• Front seats
• Air con

Let me know what you need.
Parts can be collected from Buckinghamshire or West London


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Where abouts are you based and how much is the boot lid?

edit - sorry see location as west location

PM you :thumb:

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