Brembo discs for W205 AMG Line (sports pack) - only partially drilled?

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Jun 15, 2021
C-Class W205
Hi fellow Merkers, I have purchased front and rear brembo discs and pads for my S205 C220d AMG Line. The original front discs are vented and drilled. However the Brembos are vented but only partially drilled. The drills do not perforate all the way through the disc face. These are the discs here: Brake disc Brembo 09.D527.23

I've not seen this before. Does it make a difference? Is this a new technique I don't know of? The Brembo catalogue doesn't explain why they are not fully drilled through. Apart from that they seem good. Has anyone had any experience of these?
So further research suggests that these are 'dimpled' rather than perforated. On this car in pedestrain/urban driving I'm inclined to think it makes little to no difference, though apparently 'dimpled brake discs are designed for improved grip and braking performance, while perforated discs are designed for improved heat dissipation and durability. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your driving style, vehicle type, and personal preferences.'

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