Bridgestone Tyres Splitting on 2015 E350


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Dec 11, 2009
E350 AMG Night Edition Premium Plus Saloon
Got my current E350 in October 2015 (second E350 I have owned). This had a build date of late September 2015. First car had Continental tyres on, but this one has Bridgestone Potenza. Not a problem - or so I thought.

At my first service at 15k back in August (hit the mileage trigger before the time one), they identified splitting to the inside wall of the rear passenger tyre which was serious enough to need to change the tyre. Luckily the tyres had worn well so they recommended only changing the single tyre.

The tyre fitter said he had send countless Bridgestone tyres back as defective with the same issue, and he was confident this was a manufacturing issue. I paid £160 for a new tyre, and the dealer sent the old one off to Bridgestone to make a warranty claim. 14 weeks on I am still waiting for resolution, but that's a different story.

At the time, I raised the question of the other 3 tyres, as they were all fitted at the same time, probably from the same batch, so if one was faulty then the others surely would be. They couldn't comment, but said that the others were in perfect condition but said to pop in if I wanted and they'd check them any time.

I have done about 6k since then and tonight on way home at 70mph along motorway, the TPMS kicked in and warned of a pressure drop in the front passenger tyre. I am a bit over consciensious about checking pressures and check almost every journey, and that one usually sits at 2.1 bar - the TPMS was telling me it was at 1.85 so I knew it was a problem. 5 seconds later it dropped to 1.65 and 5 seconds later 1.45. I aimed for hard shoulder and by the time I got on hard shoulder it was reading less than 1 bar. Got out of the car to check and you could hear the air rushing out even over the sound of the passing traffic. It was flat as a pancake within few more seconds.

Had to call for recovery as no spare tyre (they filled the wheel well with the Bluetec tank! - great idea!). While the car was being loaded onto flatbed I watched the tyre rotate and looked for a puncture and nothing was visible in the tread. Tried to look at inside wall but very hard in the light we had.

Given how rapid the deflation was I am wondering if it was a split that finally gave way.

Thinking I was lucky not to suffer blow out and find myself in a nasty accident.

I was recovered to home given everything was closed at the time, and on Monday they will move me to the dealer for repair or replacement.

I want to try and find out if anyone else has had splitting issues with Bridgestone Potenza tyres fitted to Mercedes. Because they told me last time that this was a known issue, and I am now thinking they have let me drive away in a car with tyres they knew "could" split at some point and which are not easy to visually check yourself. This could have killed me (or others) had it blow out at 70mph and I am now starting to think these tyres should never have been left on the car and maybe even if the issue is widespread then they should have recalled them.

Suffice to say, I am a very unhappy owner tonight.

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