Brighter bulbs

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Hi all, has anyone used "Brighter bulbs" which claim to be 50% brighter, presumably they are 50% hotter and does this burn off the reflective material from the head lamp lense?
Brightness is a factor of colour temperature, whilst some may run hotter, the infrared portion of light radiation is reduced - there should be no problem with lens discolouration. Osram Silverstars are a typical replcement.
You'd get better results running the lights off the battery, via a relay. Not sure how that would work with the software and the 'bulb out' message though.
Thanks Fitted The Osrams Will Let You Know How Much Brighter They Are When Its Dark!

Kind Regards.

Me got Silverstars in me Silver-star car.....Huge improvement from the poor W202 lenses
Just tried out the new Osram's and wow are they bright. I pitty anyone that gets cought in the main beam they will burn out their retinas.

I recommend them as a very cheap and worthwhile upgrade.
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Yup, and legal too ... unlike fitting the 100W "off road" bulbs you can get in any Halfords :rolleyes:

I have Silver Stars in my R129.
ralphsanders said:
Thanks Fitted The Osrams Will Let You Know How Much Brighter They Are When Its Dark!

Kind Regards.

Can you tell me how much you paid and where you got them from?
I got them from Class Cars in Kent ( 01304 619990 they are £ 25 per set (2 needed) fitted. But if you just purchase the bulbs mail-order, if he will post them, he might negotiate on the price. Good luck!
You can get them for £12.49 delivered on eBay.
I recently bought some bulbs from they seem to have a decent range and they always have some kind of offer or freebie.
I have never used the blue ones, I am not sure that they are road legal. I would have thought that they are just as bright tho. But on the otherhand blue headlight bulbs are a slippery slope to get onto. Where will it stop, lights under the sills and diff, not to mention a fat ice system!

just kiddin I think Blue ones look good on a silver car, it just when I got them they only had white so no chice!

Have fun!
Well after I suggested them to you (via BTB 500) I bought some myself! Have yet to fit them, however.

How are the Brembos?

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