Brink detacheable tow bar

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    Apr 11, 2004
    From a W202 saloon - will suit Mercedes C Series Saloon (W202) (from chassisnr. A032470/F020798) (except AMG) Building year 1993 - 2000

    used but perfect condition. I took it off the car before I sold it. I had fitted it myself around 4 years ago and it took all of 2 hours.

    Comes with lock and 2 keys (to secure the detachable ball to the bar), dust cover to keep detachable system free from debris when not in use, all bolts required, towball cover and dust bag for keeping it tidy in the boot. Fitting instructions are here -

    Link to the towbar -

    the chassis is already either drilled (hole inside the boot are already drilled) holse required under car as centre punched and all you need is to drill them through.

    Simple job for anyone with a Black and Decker.

    Costs close to £300 new, yours for £100 + £10 postage
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