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Nov 24, 2003
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After 7 days I now have a functioning central heating boiler. Now fortunately we had some alternative heat sources, immersion water heater and an electric shower but parts of the house were rapidly approaching ambient external temperature. Getting out of the shower this morning was bracing.

Thursday evening: boiler ceases to function

Friday morning: call BG. Engineer turns up 4.30pm and "fixes" it, but says some of the voltage readings on the main circuit board are odd and he needs to get some replacement parts. Back Monday.

Saturday morning: boiler ceases to function. Engineer turns up, gets it started but cannot get (ordered) parts till Monday morning as they have come from a central depot.

Saturday afternnon: boiler ceases to function. We give up.

Sunday: cold

Monday morning: Hurrah! Engineer arrives with parts. Fits them. No difference. Needs more parts, a new fan motor and control panel.

Tuesday morning: Glory be, back with the many bits needed. Fits them. No difference, still getting really odd voltage readings and will not fire. Needs to fit another main circuit board and another gas valve. (There is by now very little original left of the old boiler apart from main heat exchanger and burners which are fine.)

Tuesday afternoon: I rant on the phone & send dreadful emails

This morning: grey haired Engineer turns up and within 10 minutes discover (a) the initial ignitor jet is obstructed by a lump of grot and (b) the wonderful little laptop they all carry had very, very obviously, the wrong voltage data for my particular model.

So they had slavishly been following a diagnostic, swapping parts in the hope it would work and not doing really basic checks nor using their brains.

Now does any of that sound familiar?


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Jun 1, 2002
Satch said:
Now does any of that sound familiar?
It's where we're headed with everything I'm afraid. Manufactured obsolesence, cheap mass-produced parts and support services where the "engineers" basically go on a course for a week and they're qualified to do *anything*.

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