Broquet Fuel Catalyst

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Aug 28, 2007
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HI all, has anyone put a Broquet fuel catalyst into their car and if so did you use the in-line version or the one that goes straight into the fuel tank?

Also need to know how easy it is to get the fuel tank off.

I've used one of these in both my motor bikes and they are great, you either get better performance or better economy and it cleans the engine as well.

Thanks in advance
Just push it down the filler neck with a piece of hosepipe. Tie some string onto it so you can retrieve it if you want to.

I had one once and didn't notice any effect over two cars.. I think I gave it away finally.
They don't work.

Plus if you put them in a petrol tank they rub away/through the interior of the tank, so be careful.
No they don't work, despite having been endorsed by some organisation who should have known better. I dismantled one once (50p @ car boot..)out of interest and the pellets were just a zinc alloy.
I believe they do work as I have put the in-tank one into both my motorbikes and seen a difference in fuel economy on both within 100 miles. Was also getting a much smoother power delivery on the CBR1100.

Is the fuel tank sender unit easy to get out as I've been told thats a usual route for the in-tank version.

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