Brucer's C-Coupe

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Yup very nice indeed. I agree with Graham those wheels are very nice. I presume they are 17s?
Yeah, I took the standard 17" 7 spoke alloys off & put the 17" 5 spoke saloon sports alloys on. I reckon it makes the car look better?
Very nice mate :D

If you do no mind me saying so the rear bootlid would be much improved and look soo good if you were to debadge the kompressor as the engine size has alreay been partially debadged. Don't get me wrong (as long as ur happy...). Nice looking motor.

Once i had a look at it again, i agree with you. I'll get it booked into the garage to get the badge taken off. I dont want to chance doing it myself. Thanks Flash
It's tenorite grey. It's just a brand new colour they have taken out.
Brucer said:
It's tenorite grey. It's just a brand new colour they have taken out.
I see that green colour has gone from the range, still got 189 green black which I like, and sunstone orange is still there! No way someone in Germany mixes that paint colour, must go to somewhere like Spain or Italy to get painted orange! ;)
Shude said:
...and sunstone orange is still there! ...
Even the old W202 looks awesome in Sunstone Orange and Sport trim :cool: I wonder what that C230K from many moons ago is doing now? :eek: A colour that's almost a perfect negative of vivianite green.

Very nice, I have to agree with the boys about the colour as well, looks great.

I can definitely see elements of a Corrado in there ...

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