Budget first C200 - Hope it's a good one

Discussion in 'New member introductions' started by trakhat, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Feb 2, 2014
    1998 S202
    Hi, I'm a Mercedes virgin. Had volvo's & saab in the past but this time a lovely C200 Classic estate presented itself at the right time and right price. I am on a very limited fixed income and have tried buying cheap fords and other common makes, but in my price range they are all thrashed within an inch of a breakers yard. I need an auto and have found that if I buy a car that was built properly in the first place then by the time I can afford them they still have some life left in them.
    So I have taken the plunge with a '96 C200 estate auto. My chair rattles about in the boot and it still feels comfortable after a 100 mile journey. It has a full MB service history until 2 years ago and has a genuine 86000 miles on the clock. Still has full First Aid Kit, Tool Kit, warning triangle and everything else as supplied from new. Runs and starts like a dream, is generally tidy (for it's age) with just the very slightest hint of minute paint bubbling on front arches. So far I'm smitten except the steering is just a bit heavier than I expected. The glove box is exactly that.... the other glove just about fits in the door pocket :) Messers M&B skimped a bit in that department....
    Maybe also I should have looked around for a slightly better equipped model as it would have been nice to have heated seats etc.
    Anybody got a cheap used towbar I would like to fit one.
    I will post photo at some point.
    Found loads of useful info on here already - thank you one and all.

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