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Apr 23, 2003
Have a leak coming through/near the area on the front window. Only happens when it is really windy and raining cats and dogs. Not sure if the window needs replacing because the timber bits are cracked or there is a cracked in the outside wall. That's why I need someone to tell me what the problem is and how much it will cost to resolve it.

Does anybody know of a decent builder in/near NW London that will do a good job at a reasonable price?

Cant help with a builder but have you tried applying silicone around the whole frame - its a cheap & neat DIY solution . the stuff in a tube applied with a gun would be what you'd need - from say B & Q

We tried that already but it didn't work. :mad:
Thanks for trying anyway.


If the wood is cracked and paint broken, the wood on the lintle will soak up the water and draw it into the walls into your house.

If the wood is rotten then it wll need replacing at some time but as a temporary fix you could just seal the wood as best you can with eather a clearcoat or copious amounts of exterior gloss.

Just scrape off anything loose before painting it.

Long term, you need a chippy to sort it out, not really a builder, But it might be time to consider replacement with a new PVC double glazed unit while you weighing up the costs.
about the problem.

Actually, I did get 3 double-glazing firms to look at it and give me a quote. 2 are national chains while the 3rd is a local company.

One of the national chain guy said that replacing the windows might not solve my problem. We had the front door done by them last year. The local company guy didn't make any comments whatsoever. The 2nd national chain guy said it will definitely solve the problem. I don't quite believe him as he is very arrogant and over-bearing in his attitude. That's why I would like someone else opinion. However, I am getting so fed up that I am thinking of just replacing the windows and hope it will solve the problem. :(

Same problem we had a leak of this kind the crack was that small it leaked through capillary action and finding it would be hard and the only way to solve our problem was to build a pitched roof above our main window (which we had all ready thought of as purely a cosmetic job killed two birds with one stone in the end )no leak now....if you cannot find where the water is coming in from and you need a new window anyway then how about getting them to fit a cavity tray above the frame to try to stop the water entering the property after that try weather proofing the brickwork I believe it a paint on job but don;t know how good weather proofing is hope this is of help
Is the leak at the top,at the side, or at the bottom?
Is the wall of solid stone, solid brick or cavity(i.e.inner and outer wall with gap between)?
If its solid stone, it may need re-pointing, same if it's solid brick.
If it's cavity it may need a new tray and re-pointing.
Rotten woodwork to the window could also contribute.
You can try a proccess of elimination by using polythene sheet.
First cover the area above the window, preferably up to and under an above cill (Assuming there is a window above the one in question).
After a period of rain,if the problem is still evident, cover the window in polythene(seal edges with mastic).
This might give you some results which might help your decision.
You need a good builder, not a double glazing salesman ;)
Decided to bite the bullet and get the windows changed since the upstairs windows looks pretty dire anyway. Hope it cures the problem.

Thanks for everybody's input.


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