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Aug 16, 2003
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After a number of broadband years with BT, first at 512 kb and then at 1meg, I thought I had found internet heaven.

I then chose to move house and BT happily transferred my broadband (at no extra cost) to my temporary accomodation where it worked a dream, and then pledged to move it to my final destination.

In the meantime i saw an ad for

4 meg broadband, free telephone line and no download cap - for £40/month, add in intro discounts, it worked out at around £34/month over a year, oh and yes you can have it with 1 month notice either way.

Too good to be true? I started my research and the ISP (Bulldog) appeared to have a really dirty reputation for customer service on a number of forums.

However, for various reasons I took a chance and ordered the service.

Although I had to wait for 26 working days for my 'go-live', the fact is, everything has happened as it should.


OK let's see how that looks when the ISP reaches their next capacity step, however for now BULLDOG BROADBAND rocks!!!!

If you can get it, I recommend it - maybe I'm lucky and/or shouldn't hold my breath? Anyway, off to kill some american teenagers on half life, I swear my gun shoots faster on this connection.....
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I hate you sooo much! :p

It took three years into the 21st century to get a sodding 512k link in where we are and am told that I am unlikley to ever see more than 1 meg :(

Lucky bugger !
Bulldog have been 'dogged' by admin problems, in fact not so long back they had to stop accepting orders! However the people that I know that use the service are more than happy.

They don't use BT infrastructure like most of the others, which is why they offer the service.

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