Busted windscreen

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Oct 9, 2005
2004 Mercedes CL500 W215
I must have the worst luck in the world. Decided to change my windscreen wipers the evening before my MOT. Left the arm up in the air whilst I reached for the new blade and the next thing I know is the arm slams down onto the glass pulled by the spring. You can guess the result CRACKED glass and the following day MOT failure due to crack being in the swept area of the blade. Now I have to get a new screen fitted to an S Class on Tuesday which will cost me £75.00 excess and 3 hours sat in a waiting room, plus a retest for the MOT. Also rebooking of hotel rooms in Scotland as I will not be there untill following day.
The moral of this story is to watch wat you do with those wiper arms without the blade fitted. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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Thats bad luck and I am so srry to hear the news.

If you have rain sensing wipers do make sure that an MB screen is fitted otherwise you will get problems with the rain wiper
While washing my daughter's (great being a Dad - I now have 4 cars to wash) Ibiza I opened the hatch to clean the underside while the wiper was propped up - as I've done many times before. Slammed the lid and the wiper arm snapped off!

Had to drive an hour each way to the dealer to get another. Nightmare to get the stub off the spindle as it also contains the washer jet so couldn't bash it. Also very hard (took several attempts) to get the wiper in the right position so it didn't run off the screen at one end or the other.

Got it all together and found the washer dribbled. Quickly found water running out of the hatch - the washer tube had become dislodged. Removed trim, which used the most fierce retaining clips I've ever experienced - several staying in place in the door but broke off their mounting on the trim. Refitted and superglued (should have used a cable tie but didn't think until later) tube back in place, repaired and refitted trim.

When I'm doing wiper blade changes I always put a towel across the screen - saw a blade dropped and go clean through a toughened screen many years ago.

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