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Nov 2, 2008
Estepona, Spain
A bloody Opel
My MB knowledge is very limited to W124 post facelift E300 diesels but I have always wanted an auto and they are rarer than hens teeth here. I have been offered a saloon pre facelift 320E auto with AC and full leather at a not unreasonable 1000 euros which down here is a steal believe me. It was a RHD UK import into Spain some time ago. The fact it's a petrol doesn't worry me as it's only a high days and Sunday's car.
Bodily it's spot on with no rust (I'm told) although the photos do back that up. With 200k miles on the clock is there anything I should be aware of or looking for on this model??

Thanks in advance.
Rust is usually the killer so if it really is rust free it should be fine. 6 cylinder petrols will at some stage need a new wiring loom - or at least a major repair. At 200k its probably been done. Coil packs can go and if left can fry the ECU. Head gaskets fail but again its probably had that done too. Otherwise pretty reliable and go on for ever if looked after.
Some photos, whether I could live with RHD is another matter. Giving it a look tomorrow. I suppose low to mid 20's mpg is the order of the day with one of these?


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Low mid 20s.

Check suspension, ball joints in particular. The important areas to check for rust are jacking points and sills - the latter generally much more serious.

In the end it's an £800 car, the key thing is not to get sucked into repairing it if something serious goes wrong, just cut your losses.

However, if you can live with a RHD car, why not bring over a 300d auto from here?
However, if you can live with a RHD car, why not bring over a 300d auto from here?

Yes I will check the body thoroughly Charles and I take your points on board. As far as bringing a car in from the UK the registration process onto Spanish plates is eye wateringly expensive, looking at something in the order of another €800 :eek:
I run a right hand drive 124 in Italy. It is not a problem. You soon adjust to it.
Yes I know you can get used to it, it's more the practicalities such as car park ticket machines and decreased visibility that concerns me. Still if the car is good that could override the cons. Having never driven a 320 auto before does anyone know what the rpm is at a 70mph (120kph ish) cruise. My E300 diesel manual is fairly busy at around 3000 rpm.
It will also be around 3000 rpm at 120kph. I assume its a 4 speed auto. Thats roughly where my 280 sits. It is quite high by modern standards but it is actually pretty relaxed at that level. On mine its most refined cruising speed is around 120kph. That actually looks a very clean car for the money especially if the aircon works.
Lovely car, really lovely but it got snapped up before I could get to it. :wallbash::mad:

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