Bye Bye W211 - Hello Jaguar XF

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I very much doubt I'd have the same difficulty now in the XF...

Definitely not - even the 'plain vanilla' XF which I have is much more agile than the W211, so your more sporty version would be pretty impressive over the Scottish West Highland roads.

I've got a lot more grey hair than you though, so I'd be happy to have even more 'waftability' over cornering performance.

I think this American advert sets out nicely the differences between the two Marques....:)
Strange people we are I had 4 jaguars S class then 2 xf and have just changed my XJ face lift with just 40000 back to mercedes cls amg. Funny old world everyone sees things differently but a change is as good as a rest I m o. My main problem was my xfs both cracked there flexible exchaust pipes up near manifold and at £700 a time with 2 on each car it was too much for me then the XJ turned out to be a big car hard to park at supermarkets etc hate trolly scores. Beautiful to sit in on long run but no use on my small bendy rds.

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