C Class (202), Rust and Mobilo


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Feb 16, 2005
I’ve got an April 2000 Cdi220 C Class (202) which has several small spidery patches (the only description I can think of) centralised around tiny rust spots on the bonnet\roof\wings – I’ve also recently noticed rust appearing on the inner lips of the wheel arches.
The car hasn’t been serviced since I bough the car in June last year - the last official Mercedes service was in November 2001, with the last service being done by a non Mercedes dealer in October 2003 (before I owned the car) – my question is do you think I’ve got any chance of having any of this covered by mobilo? – I’m amazed about the rust on the inner wheel arches on a car only 5 years old – I had a 1995 Fiat Punto that I only got rid of last year that had no signs of rust.




Jul 13, 2003
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Take it into a MB dealer. They will inspect the car and let you know.
You've got nothing to lose if they say no but this is a common problem and MB are covering most repairs as long as the car original paint and no accident damage.
The claims are not being met by the Mobilo-Life guarentee but as a goodwill payment from MB.

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