C Class 205 Wheel swap C43 wheels for C63 any advice

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Mar 3, 2013
C43 Coupe Convertible
I have a Stock C43 turbine wheels on my Coupe
Front 225 40 19 7.5 et 33
Rear 255 35 19 8.5 et 52

I want to put on C63 wheels (from a Saloon) as pictured, I prefer the look of these
Front 245 40 19 8.5 et 38
Rear 265 35 19 9.5 et 56

I will use the 225 and 255 tyres on the C63 wheels , how do i get them to fit

The rear bolt up fine with no rubbing, the fronts grab the brake calipers and wont turn
I put 5mm temp shims on and they now turn, they rub slightly on the control arm

whats the solution, i have asked so called expert wheels shops they havent a clue

my question is , will they work ok with a hubcentric spacer without to much poke and what size? type?

thanks in advance for any advice

271101533_1060581374882164_7644812110959819934_n.jpg271731377_5184211084924418_7047991620981906464_n.jpg271845073_945809449457941_1205843116111249807_n.jpgs-l1600 (8).jpgs-l1600.jpg

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