c class 270CDI questions-52 plate

Discussion in 'Engine' started by donteus, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. donteus

    donteus New Member

    Aug 22, 2005
    C270 CDI
    Hi All ----this is going to be a long one

    from my other threads, you may know that my engine is a dog. just bought the car, so trying to fix things. I have done a lot of the cosmetic stuff (mirrors, big clean, polish, new mats etc) just to make me a little happier about how bad the engine is!!!
    tickover is like 'sitting on a washing machine' as the tyre guy put it. also, lots of black smoke when it is revved hard.
    the car is in work now, up on stands, bumper off, so I can get at stuff better.
    took some pipes off today to see what is what. pipe from airbox to turbo is OK, and turbo looks ok inside, a few thou play on the shaft, (is this OK?)
    right hand pipe from EGR to intercooler pipe is all cruddy at the top near the EGR, this seem normal from many posts on here?
    took the EGR off, and scrapped out all the crud and gave it a bit of a clean out.
    took MAF out and it was all oily, so cleaned off the bit between the body and cover on the end of it (and what is that hole in the end of the MAF? is it important?) tested the MAF voltages according to the pierberg sheet, and they seem to be within acceptable ranges.
    but, having spent weeks poring over the posts on here, next steps need to be taken. just changed air filter (car seemed a little better) and will be doing oil change and fuel filter tomorrow to see if this helps, also putting in some injector cleaner.
    one big concern is the black circular thingy on top of the head, by the airbox (usually under the shield) I think this is the air oil seperator? anyway, this is covered in oil, and so are all the little dips in the cover going towards the back of the engine, is the seperator dead and in need of replacement? and is this what is putting oil on the MAF, and through the intercooler and pipes?

    please help, desperation is setting in. if I can get it going better, I can get it to a merc indy for STAR readings!!!
  2. panason1c

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    Feb 20, 2005
    ML270cdi, VW Polo 1.9 tdi, BMW K1200rs
    one big concern is the black circular thingy on top of the head, by the airbox

    Yes, thats the oil separator and does need changing after a while when it then begins to allow oil seepage into the breather pipe, it only costs about £20.....5 minutes to change.,
  3. JohnV270

    JohnV270 New Member

    Apr 10, 2014
    CLK 270 W209
    I have the same problem with the oil separator. Someone told me i need to replace the pipe which goes in the intake too. Does this oil separator come with some sort of seals or i need to buy them separately?

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