C Class (Coupe) Fog Lamp Repair

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Jul 31, 2021
CL220, W203 Sports Coupe, Also Audi A4 B7 Avant Quattro & 3 Calibras
Hi folks - Don't know if this is the right place for this but lights don't seem to be in any of the categories.
However, I just found I had a broken fog lamp (DS Front) on the Merc so had a look at replacement prices .............. then decided to adapt/improvise & overcome the problem by doing a repair to it. One of the locating/mounting brackets was completely broken off & missing completely (the plastic housing is actually quite brittle).
I made up a repair part with a piece of 'speaker bracket' by folding/bending to a shape that I could screw back onto the broken casing & allow it to locate & mount properly again.
It took a couple of hours & I'm rather pleased with the result - no more 'flapping about' fog lamp! Also...... zero cost, had all the bits I needed lying around.... :cool:

Fog Lamp C Class.jpg

Bracket shaped edit.jpg

Bracket installed1edit.JPG

Bracket Installed2edit.JPG

Fitted back in place edit.JPG
Well done. That has saved you circa £50
It's always good to see members' improvisations ...
Story of my life !
Always satisfying when a home brew fix works a treat 👍

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